Friday Fives


I’m back with another round of Friday Fives!  Five lists of five things.  Pretty simple, huh!?

Five Reasons I Love Summer:
1. Long days
2. Night swimming
3. Farmer’s markets
4. Ice cream with rainbow sprinkles
5. Fresh-cut grass


Five Reasons I’m Excited for Fall:
1. Football
2. Bonfires
3. Fall festivals
4. Apple dumplings
5. Boots


Five Dinners on My “To-Make” List:
1. Chicken stir-fry with zoodles
2. Whole-wheat tortilla pizzas
3. BBQ chicken sweet potatoes
4. Fish tacos
5. Avocado-pesto linguine


Five Indulgences I Wouldn’t Mind Having Right Now:
1. Doughnuts
2. BBQ potato chips
3. Stuffing with gravy
4. DQ Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Smash Blizzard
5. Fettuccini Alfredo


Five Things I’m Doing Today:
1. Working
2. Golfing
3. Going out to dinner
4. Meeting friends for drinks
5. Being happy


TGIF!  Have a fabulous weekend!

Pick a list and give me your five!

Friday Fives

Hello, hello, and TGIF!

Today, we can get right to it and talk about my Friday Fives.  I like to describe this series as “totally random lists chosen by me.” 

Five Current Favorite Snacks:
1.  Cherries
2.  Cottage cheese
3.  Popcorn
4.  Shakeology
5.  Kale chips


Five Totally Unnecessary Things I Want but Don’t Need:
:1.  These jeans
2.  Robin’s egg blue platform heels
3.  More denim button-down shirts
4.  A MacBook
5.  More cute coffee mugs


Five Weekend Plans:
1.  Teach a Jazzercise class
2.  Organize my spare bedroom
3.  Cut the grass
4.  Grocery shop
5.  Drink wine 


Five Things I’m Excited For:
1.  Three upcoming weddings
2.  New 21-day challenge groups starting
3.  Hot summer weather
4.  A low-key work week
5.  Starbucks after work today


Five Things on my Grocery List:
1.  Blueberries
2.  Broccoli slaw
3.  Chicken breasts
4.  Dave’s Killer Bread
5.  Cashew Milk


Alright, friends, there you have it!  Five random lists of five random things!  Fridays are fun, right!? 

Have a beautiful day and weekend! 

Pick a list and share your five!