That Time My Blog Disappeared

Hey friends!

So, if you come here to visit every so often, you may have noticed that there was no blog here.  Like, no blog at all.

Well, I couldn’t figure out what happened and, when I visited my hosting site, I discovered that my renewal had gone to an old credit card that had expired.  I’m pretty good with changing my information and couldn’t figure out how that wasn’t changed or why I never saw that there was a problem with that charge.  Anyway, by the time I tried to fix it, my hosting had expired, just like my credit card, and, in way, so did my blog.  It was gone.  I worked with my hosting service and renewed my hosting and, as much as we tried to get my blog back, it was unable to be recovered.  Total fail.

I wasn’t sure where to begin to get back to where I was so I just jumped in and restarted everything again.  I set up my hosting, got a new theme, updated my plug-ins and settings, and, thankfully, because I wrote my posts in Windows Live Writer, I was able to access them back to when I rebranded my blog back in August.  I had to reload all the pictures into the posts but, in the grand scheme of things, that was a piece of cake!  After meal planning Sunday morning, I spent most of the rest of the day redoing everything and I’m happy to say I’m almost back to where I was when it disappeared.


I’m still working on a few things like my pages, including my About Me page, but things are progressing!  My posts are back on schedule and everything seems to be running okay…fingers crossed that it stays that way!!

Thanks for stopping by and, definitely, come back again!  I promise there will be a blog here!

Have a beautiful day!

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