Thursday Thoughts #4

Hello!  How is your week going!?

I always say that short weeks after a holiday weekend seem like the longest weeks but I’m not feeling like that this week so that’s, definitely, a plus!  I hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed it if it was a long one for you.  I unplugged for the past few days, which, I think, is totally necessary, sometimes!  However, I’m back today to share those random thoughts I love to throw at you on Thursdays! 

As I say…let’s get to it! 

**When I’m out, I’ll send pictures of things I want to buy to my husband.  When he tells me to buy them, I tell him that I don’t need it and that we need to save money.  I’m sure that being married to me is exhausting. 


**My parents have the most beautiful and perfect sunflower at their house.  I love seeing it every time I stop to visit. 


**If we didn’t have digital cameras and smart phones, we couldn’t retake disastrous photos like this one…(which takes me back to middle school, with disposable cameras, when you didn’t know what you had until you developed them!)…


**Pop2K is the best radio station.  I swear all I do in my car is take pictures of songs on the radio and send them to my friends! 


**There was a fair in town last week.  Of course, I had to stop by to pick up a caramel apple.  I just can’t resist.


**I used to be the worst at drinking water.  Like, the worst.  Now, I’m a drinking water champ and I’m never without my water bottle (and my cold-brew coffee)!  I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks!


**My mom and I had lunch at Ligonier Tavern, one of our favorite restaurants.  We always get their hummus plate as an app and got a southwestern avocado hummus, which was amazing.  Oh, and those focaccia breadsticks!?  I can’t get enough!


**This picture of my hubs with our BFF’s son, Colton, melts my heart!  Such cuties!! 


I hope you have an amazing Thursday!  Spread some love and enjoy your day!

Share a random thought with me!
What kind of music do you listen to?
Do you have a favorite appetizer?

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