Weekly Meal Prep

Hey friends!  Happy Tuesday!

I know most people prep food on Sundays and get all ready for the week before it begins but, for some reason, my night to grocery shop always happens to Monday.  I should say that my preferred time to shop is on a Saturday morning around 7:30am…the aisles are empty and I feel like I have the entire store to myself.  However, I, usually, never get to the store at that time so, Monday, after work, it is!! 

Yesterday was my husband’s last day of vacation and, sadly, he is headed back to work today.  Even though we didn’t take time off together this summer, we were still able to enjoy the time by spending our afternoons together during my lunch breaks grabbing a coffee and our evenings together working out and either cooking dinner or heading out for a date night.  We decided to eat out last night and, then, take our Monday night trip to the store.  I didn’t get a huge haul but I got enough essentials to get us through the week on lunches and dinners. 


Here are some things that will be coming out of our kitchen this week:

  • Zoodles with turkey meatballs
  • Overnight blueberry oats
  • Tuna salad (tuna, red peppers, dijon mustard, S&P) lettuce wraps
  • Grilled chicken and super greens salad
  • Chicken stir-fry over farro
  • Egg white and veggie scrambles

…and, we also picked up some cherries and bananas to throw in our smoothies and cottage cheese and Greek yogurt for snacks and to pair with berries! 


I am not the best at sitting down at the beginning of the week and planning out every single meal or snack for each day but I try to have a general idea of what I plan on making during the week even if I don’t know which day it will happen.  I like to have the ingredients I need and, then, while I’m sitting at work during the day, think about what I’m craving.  It works best that way! 

I’m always on the search for new and healthy recipes…I like to experiment and, while I’m at it, make my husband try things he’s never tried before.  He gets a little nervous but he is definitely a trooper!  I’ve, somehow, even made him love broccoli…so I’ll call our marriage a success! 

Have a beautiful day!

What recipes are you currently loving?
Do you meal plan or make things on the fly?
When is your favorite time to grocery shop?

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