Happy Halloween!!

Good morning!  Happy Halloween!

(bringing home a new Halloween decoration earlier this month)

Are you a Halloween person?  I am, for sure!  It’s always been one of my favorite holidays and I have always loved getting to pick out a costume every year and, as I got older, finding things to DIY my costumes!  When I was growing up, my favorite costume was Jem…80’s friends, tell me you’re with me on that!?  Anyway, Halloween is always super fun and, for me, kicks off the best time of year…November and December bring birthdays, holidays, and all kinds of fun stuff like that!

In the past few years, my friends and I would always have costume-making parties and spend a few nights, together, before our annual Halloween party, working on our costumes and helping each other.  Without fail, each year brings some type of crisis – not enough material, ordered costumes not fitting, sewing snafus, and, well, you get the picture…

…this year, plans were a little different and Lee and I weren’t even sure we were going to make it to the party.  We didn’t plan a costume because he was going to have to work that evening.  However, he ended up taking the day off so, with a week to go, we had to decide on costumes.

Our first choice was to be Chip and Jo Gaines from Fixer Upper because it was going to be ‘easy’ and I already own almost every piece of clothing that Joanna wears on the show, so, my part was simple.  However, Lee’s wasn’t going to be as simple so I hopped online and ordered him a Magnolia Farms shirt and hat and crossed my fingers that it would be here on time.  Fast forward to Friday evening, when my package had not arrived yet.  So…here we were, 24 hours away from our party with no costumes.  I went to bed stressed and woke up the same way.  I just thought about not going to the party.  There was no way I was going without a costume.

Thankfully, my BFF, April (who is on our costume-making committee…haha!) suggested that we be skeletons, which, by the way, are my favorite things ever, so the idea was brilliant!  We had an idea and all we had to do was to find the parts!  We ran around all morning and afternoon grabbing the essentials and, all I had to DIY was our shirts and our makeup.  Simple!


I found a rib template online, traced it onto paper, traced it onto our t-shirts and started cutting.  Things were going great until…the scissors slipped.  Yes, I was trying to push them through four layers of fabric and I should have known better but, we don’t need to dwell on that.  I had sliced the pad of my finger almost completely off.  Ouch.  Lee thought I needed stitches and, even though my finger was killing me, all I was worried about how long a trip to the ER would take and who the heck was going to finish our costumes!?  So, after some applied pressure and trip to our neighbors for a second opinion, we decided that stitches weren’t necessary and cutting resumed.

In the end, our costumes turned out great and my finger is cleanly wrapped and doing well!!


I always say that it wouldn’t be Halloween without some type of costume crisis…and, this year, proved to be no different!!  But, in the end, we have fun and have great memories to look back on and laugh about…and this one was definitely a memorable one!

I hope you all have a fun and spooky day!  Boo!!

Do you like to dress up?
Do you DIY your costumes?
Share any funny Halloween story!