Thursday Thoughts #6 – 11.03.16

Hey friends!  Happy Thursday!

So…have you ever just had the feeling that you should do something but you’re not sure why?  I mean, it would be just as easy not to do it but something just tells you to do it?  I had one of those moments yesterday.  Lee was off and we had dinner plans for when I got home from work because I didn’t have to teach after work.  About halfway through my morning, I thought, “I should check my calendar to make sure I’m not supposed to teach.”  I didn’t.  I taught last Wednesday and I do ever other Wednesday so I shouldn’t have been on for last night.  Again, I thought, “I should just check the calendar.”

This time…I did.  And, to my surprise, my name was next to the 5:40pm class.
What the…!?
Oh well.  Good thing I checked, right!?

I told my husband and we just decided to switch up our plans a little.  I live almost an hour away from where I teach so he was just going to take me and wait for me and then we would do dinner afterwards.  That plan, definitely, worked for me!

In keeping with my Thursday thoughts, here are some highlights from the night!

**I was super thankful that he decided to go with me!  When I teach, I’m gone for at least three hours so it was nice to spend most of that time together instead of apart.  I know.  It’s sappy but I love the hubs!!


**We went to a great sushi place!  I was craving it!  Lee, of course, got a chicken dish but I was happy with my roll action!


**There was a Starbucks right next to the restaurant.  It is no mystery what we had for dessert…I don’t care that it was almost 8pm; coffee any time of the day works for me!!


**I got the best fortune.  Sometimes, the smallest message can speak volumes.


**And…here are some pictures of Jet and Rosie on Halloween and my parents’ cat, Shiner, in a box…because who doesn’t love fun pictures of animals!?

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I hope you all have a great Thursday!  This week has flown by and I’m hoping that the weekend doesn’t do the same! 

Share a thought for today!
When is the last time you forgot to be somewhere?

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