Thursday Thoughts #6 – 11.03.16

Hey friends!  Happy Thursday!

So…have you ever just had the feeling that you should do something but you’re not sure why?  I mean, it would be just as easy not to do it but something just tells you to do it?  I had one of those moments yesterday.  Lee was off and we had dinner plans for when I got home from work because I didn’t have to teach after work.  About halfway through my morning, I thought, “I should check my calendar to make sure I’m not supposed to teach.”  I didn’t.  I taught last Wednesday and I do ever other Wednesday so I shouldn’t have been on for last night.  Again, I thought, “I should just check the calendar.”

This time…I did.  And, to my surprise, my name was next to the 5:40pm class.
What the…!?
Oh well.  Good thing I checked, right!?

I told my husband and we just decided to switch up our plans a little.  I live almost an hour away from where I teach so he was just going to take me and wait for me and then we would do dinner afterwards.  That plan, definitely, worked for me!

In keeping with my Thursday thoughts, here are some highlights from the night!

**I was super thankful that he decided to go with me!  When I teach, I’m gone for at least three hours so it was nice to spend most of that time together instead of apart.  I know.  It’s sappy but I love the hubs!!


**We went to a great sushi place!  I was craving it!  Lee, of course, got a chicken dish but I was happy with my roll action!


**There was a Starbucks right next to the restaurant.  It is no mystery what we had for dessert…I don’t care that it was almost 8pm; coffee any time of the day works for me!!


**I got the best fortune.  Sometimes, the smallest message can speak volumes.


**And…here are some pictures of Jet and Rosie on Halloween and my parents’ cat, Shiner, in a box…because who doesn’t love fun pictures of animals!?

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I hope you all have a great Thursday!  This week has flown by and I’m hoping that the weekend doesn’t do the same! 

Share a thought for today!
When is the last time you forgot to be somewhere?

Thursday Thoughts #5

Hi Thursday!

Has this week flown by for anyone else or is just me?  I, seriously, feel like it was just the weekend but I’m guessing that’s because I had the day off from work on Tuesday so, of course, that day went so fast that it feels like it didn’t even happen!

Today, I’m just going to pick right up with the Thursday Thoughts series like my blog never even disappeared!  If you’re unfamiliar with the series, it’s pretty much just a chance to talk about some of the million things that are constantly running through my head.  So, let’s get to it.

**Summer is officially gone and I’m cold.  The picture below is how I worked out Tuesday evening.  In my Uggs.  It was just an upper torso day and I couldn’t bring myself to take off my boots after I made it out to my garage. 


**I’m dealing with the cold by drinking as many hot beverages as I can.  I should, probably, just buy some stock in the Starbucks company…it’s where all my money goes, anyway.


**Speaking of cold, it’s been soup week around here.  On Tuesday, I made a chunky turkey chili and, tonight, I’m planning on a big pot of minestrone to take us through the weekend.  Seriously, when did I become that person?  You know….the one who is always cold?!


**The leaves in our yard are insane.  They don’t even belong to us.  Our neighbor has a huge tree next to our garage and I swear all of the leaves go in our yard and nowhere else.  And, that picture?  That all happened in one day!  It must have been a windy one!


**Doughnuts and friends make the world go ‘round.  Last Friday, at work, we had doughnuts and I was working in the same area as my WBFF (work BFF) so it was a pretty awesome day.  Maybe we’ll have to recreate that tomorrow…mainly the doughnut part.


So, apparently, this was the “cold edition” of Thursday Thoughts because, basically, that is all I talked about.  Well, that and doughnuts.

I hope all have a fabulous Thursday!!  If you need me, I’m sure I’ll be around somewhere being cold.

Share a random thought with me!
Do you like cold weather?
What is your favorite doughnut?
Blueberry glazed for me!

Thursday Thoughts #4

Hello!  How is your week going!?

I always say that short weeks after a holiday weekend seem like the longest weeks but I’m not feeling like that this week so that’s, definitely, a plus!  I hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed it if it was a long one for you.  I unplugged for the past few days, which, I think, is totally necessary, sometimes!  However, I’m back today to share those random thoughts I love to throw at you on Thursdays! 

As I say…let’s get to it! 

**When I’m out, I’ll send pictures of things I want to buy to my husband.  When he tells me to buy them, I tell him that I don’t need it and that we need to save money.  I’m sure that being married to me is exhausting. 


**My parents have the most beautiful and perfect sunflower at their house.  I love seeing it every time I stop to visit. 


**If we didn’t have digital cameras and smart phones, we couldn’t retake disastrous photos like this one…(which takes me back to middle school, with disposable cameras, when you didn’t know what you had until you developed them!)…


**Pop2K is the best radio station.  I swear all I do in my car is take pictures of songs on the radio and send them to my friends! 


**There was a fair in town last week.  Of course, I had to stop by to pick up a caramel apple.  I just can’t resist.


**I used to be the worst at drinking water.  Like, the worst.  Now, I’m a drinking water champ and I’m never without my water bottle (and my cold-brew coffee)!  I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks!


**My mom and I had lunch at Ligonier Tavern, one of our favorite restaurants.  We always get their hummus plate as an app and got a southwestern avocado hummus, which was amazing.  Oh, and those focaccia breadsticks!?  I can’t get enough!


**This picture of my hubs with our BFF’s son, Colton, melts my heart!  Such cuties!! 


I hope you have an amazing Thursday!  Spread some love and enjoy your day!

Share a random thought with me!
What kind of music do you listen to?
Do you have a favorite appetizer?

Thursday Thoughts #3

Hi!  Happy Thursday to you! 

Today, for Thursday Thoughts, I don’t have the random list of craziness that is, usually, running through my head.  I am going to head in a different direction and share some positive thoughts that I think need to be shared and remembered every once in awhile.  There is so much negativity floating around and it’s important to always put our best face forward and just try to spread the love and optimism that everyone needs. 

So…with that said…always remember…




















Have a beautiful day and ignore that negativity!  Living each day with an optimistic attitude can make all the difference in the world! 

How do you deal with negativity when you encounter it?
Share your positivity mantra!

Thursday Thoughts #2

Hello, hello!

I’m back for another round of Thursday thoughts!  I feel like it might be a weekly thing around here because, as I said last week, Thursdays always seem like a good day to share thoughts!  Let’s get to it!

**Eating a plate of veggies for dinner is, totally, a thing around here. 


**The pups that live in this house are really soaking up these lazy summer days.  Sometimes, when we go outside to play, they just stand out in the yard and look at me like, “Are you serious!?”


**Powdered PB is, seriously, a game-changer and a life-changer.  Who invented this stuff and why wasn’t it invented years and years ago!?  It’s so perfect for shakes and smoothies…I just can’t get enough!


**I did some organizing in our dining room and cleaned up our little bar shelf.   I bought old wine glasses a couple of months ago and am excited to have them out on display.  Yep.  I just got excited over dishes.  I’m, totally, an adult now. 


**Yesterday, I wore a constellation shirt to work and sipped my coffee out of my constellation mug.  If you love something shouldn’t you incorporate it in every aspect of your life?  No?  Hmmm…maybe I better reevaluate. 


**I know at least six people who had taco salads or nachos for lunch or dinner yesterday.  I mean, I guess it only makes sense that Taco Tuesday would be followed by Leftover Taco Salad and Nacho Wednesday, right!?


**On a not-so-fun note, last night, after my Jazzercise class, my favorite, favorite, favorite water bottle slipped out on my hands and fell on the floor.  I picked it up and sent up a little wish that it was alright.  Well, it was not, and, to my dismay, the bottom was completely cracked.  So…I’m on the hunt.  For a new one.  For the same one?  Fingers crossed I can find it! 


Spread love and enjoy your day!

Share a Thursday thought with me!
Do you use powdered PB for anything?  Let me know!
Any weekend plans coming up?

Thursday Thoughts – 08.11.16

Hey, hey!  Hello, Thursday! 

Today is my last full day of work this week!  Can I get a big high five for that!?  Tomorrow is a half day in our office and, because the doctor I work for is on vacation next week, my co-worker and I will just be splitting some mornings next week to keep up on our work…I know we’re all looking forward to this little break! 

Thursday is always the perfect day to share some random thoughts, right!?  I mean, “Thursday” and “thoughts” both start with ‘th’ and we love alliteration, don’t we!?  And, by we, I mean us bloggers, writers, and English lovers out there.  Are you one of those people?  Not surprisingly, I am!  Duh. 

Okay, so here are some things that have been going on around here.  A lot of them I have shared on Instagram…do follow me!?

**Last week, my dad, my husband, and I went golfing with my 93-year-old grandpap.  He was an amazing golfer in his younger days and hasn’t been out in a few years and had been asking to go.  I think it goes without saying that it was one of the best afternoons of my life. 


**Overnight oats will never get old.  Or, I could could also call them “Morning oats that are in a jar for only an hour.”  Recently, I’ve been throwing my mix in a jar before I leave for work and just eating them when I get there.  They are still awesome!  My favorite combo currently: oats, cashew milk, cinnamon, brown sugar, chia seeds, blueberries.


**I love this girl with all of my heart. Her name is April and she was the first friend I made when I met my husband and moved to a new area.  She lives down the street, is my outlet for so many things, and someone I can always count on.  Recently, she made the decision to join one of my challenge groups and she kicked butt!  I am so proud of her and definitely see her as an inspiration!


**I absolutely love going out to eat.  Like, totally, love it, for real.  Yep, I do enjoy cooking at home but, for me, nothing beats heading out for a dinner date with my husband and just talking while we sip on coffee or a beer.  I feel like being out is a way to step away from the distractions that can happen at home.  It’s just you, your company, and delicious food.  Don’t worry, I do make an effort to get my healthy eating in while I’m out! 


**Since I mentioned beer in my last thought, I’ll give a little shout out to a local brewery that is fairly new to our town.  It is called Levity and we are, pretty much, obsessed with it.  The atmosphere, the beer, the patrons, and the owners are amazing!  This past weekend I tried a blueberry ale…and it was amazing…especially, when paired with my aqua nails!


**Lettuce wraps have taken over in our house.  I was a little hesitant to intro them to the hubs…I mean, he’s not a salad man and I was going to try to feed him a lettuce leaf?  I was skeptical.  However, one, night, I made tacos and only gave him the option of lettuce for his shell.  He loved it.  I was shocked.  Now, we eat them with everything.  Below, they are stuffed with a tuna + pepper mix.


**I have a pretty crazy Jazzercise schedule coming up.  We have a couple girls out on vacation and, since my work schedule is light, I’m doing what I can to help out and cover.  I have eleven classes crammed into eight days.  Last night, I got my first two out of the way.  Only nine more to go.  We got this! 


Have a fabulous day! 

Share a random thought with me!
Do you like going out to eat?
If you’re an overnight oats fan, share your favorite combo!