Welcome to The Life of Kell

Hi readers! 

Welcome to my new blog, The Life of Kell! 


Five years ago, I started a healthy living blog called Laughter, Strength, and Food.   I used my blog as an outlet for my writing, which is something that I have always loved to do.  Throughout the five years that my blog existed, much like everything in life, it had its share of ups and downs.  I used to blog almost every day and loved it but, eventually, I started stressing myself out if I didn’t get a post up.  I put an insane amount of pressure to get content out even if that content was less-than-stellar.  Ugh.  Nobody wants to read boring content. 

So, I took little breaks here and there but every time I wasn’t writing, I felt like something felt missing and I would go back to the drawing board and type out my thoughts again and share them with the world.  Then, again, I would start to feel stale  I couldn’t put my finger on what was wrong or what I needed to do to fix it.  I would change my headers, change my fonts, change my colors, and so on, but, would only feel fresh for a couple of days before feeling like I was back in my rut. 

Then, one day, it hit me…I didn’t want to revamp what I had…I wanted to start over.

I wanted a new name.
I wanted new content.
I wanted something fresh.
I wanted new photos.
I wanted a new niche.

…and, so was born The Life of Kell. 

The name popped in my head and I fell in love with it.  It’s a name that signifies exactly what this blog is – ME. 


I knew that I would still write about health and fitness because it is a huge part of my life but I feel so free now that this will be just my overall journey through life – family, friends, random thoughts, random pictures, deep conversations, exciting news, and anything else I can share!  I plan on posting M-F and giving myself a break on the weekends but, this time, if I don’t have anything to say, I’ll skip a day…and know that it’s okay!  Or, if I have something to share on a Saturday, I’ll post it…and, know that it’s okay, too! 

I want to make this space a place where readers love to come!  So, thanks for stopping by and checking me out and I hope you’ll stop back!

Hello to The Life of Kell! 

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