Friday Fives


I’m back with another round of Friday Fives!  Five lists of five things.  Pretty simple, huh!?

Five Reasons I Love Summer:
1. Long days
2. Night swimming
3. Farmer’s markets
4. Ice cream with rainbow sprinkles
5. Fresh-cut grass


Five Reasons I’m Excited for Fall:
1. Football
2. Bonfires
3. Fall festivals
4. Apple dumplings
5. Boots


Five Dinners on My “To-Make” List:
1. Chicken stir-fry with zoodles
2. Whole-wheat tortilla pizzas
3. BBQ chicken sweet potatoes
4. Fish tacos
5. Avocado-pesto linguine


Five Indulgences I Wouldn’t Mind Having Right Now:
1. Doughnuts
2. BBQ potato chips
3. Stuffing with gravy
4. DQ Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Smash Blizzard
5. Fettuccini Alfredo


Five Things I’m Doing Today:
1. Working
2. Golfing
3. Going out to dinner
4. Meeting friends for drinks
5. Being happy


TGIF!  Have a fabulous weekend!

Pick a list and give me your five!

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