Thursday Thoughts #2

Hello, hello!

I’m back for another round of Thursday thoughts!  I feel like it might be a weekly thing around here because, as I said last week, Thursdays always seem like a good day to share thoughts!  Let’s get to it!

**Eating a plate of veggies for dinner is, totally, a thing around here. 


**The pups that live in this house are really soaking up these lazy summer days.  Sometimes, when we go outside to play, they just stand out in the yard and look at me like, “Are you serious!?”


**Powdered PB is, seriously, a game-changer and a life-changer.  Who invented this stuff and why wasn’t it invented years and years ago!?  It’s so perfect for shakes and smoothies…I just can’t get enough!


**I did some organizing in our dining room and cleaned up our little bar shelf.   I bought old wine glasses a couple of months ago and am excited to have them out on display.  Yep.  I just got excited over dishes.  I’m, totally, an adult now. 


**Yesterday, I wore a constellation shirt to work and sipped my coffee out of my constellation mug.  If you love something shouldn’t you incorporate it in every aspect of your life?  No?  Hmmm…maybe I better reevaluate. 


**I know at least six people who had taco salads or nachos for lunch or dinner yesterday.  I mean, I guess it only makes sense that Taco Tuesday would be followed by Leftover Taco Salad and Nacho Wednesday, right!?


**On a not-so-fun note, last night, after my Jazzercise class, my favorite, favorite, favorite water bottle slipped out on my hands and fell on the floor.  I picked it up and sent up a little wish that it was alright.  Well, it was not, and, to my dismay, the bottom was completely cracked.  So…I’m on the hunt.  For a new one.  For the same one?  Fingers crossed I can find it! 


Spread love and enjoy your day!

Share a Thursday thought with me!
Do you use powdered PB for anything?  Let me know!
Any weekend plans coming up?

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