October, We Love You

Good morning! 

So, I have been a little absent around here because, in addition to being super busy and crazy, I have been suffering through some tech issues that I just couldn’t get resolved!  For some reason, I have been unable to upload photos to my blog posts.  I’ve never had it happen before and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong…and, I figured that you didn’t want to read posts without having pictures to look at!  However, after some investigating, we are back in business!  I know technology is supposed to make our lives easier but I swear it must makes me do more work!

Anyway, I guess September is over (how did that happen!?) and we are getting into October full swing!  I kicked off this month like any normal person would do by spending time at a fall festival and visiting an apple orchard.  If that doesn’t scream “October” then I don’t know what does! 

Every year, my parents and I (and, sometimes, my husband when he’s not working) head to a nearby town called Bedford for their Fall Foliage Festival.  It takes place over two weekends and has everything a fall festival should have…local crafters, handmade goods, delicious food, live music, and all things apple and pumpkin. We always head up early before everything starts to grab breakfast before walking around the town.  Here are some of my favorite things from yesterday…

Breakfast at The Green Harvest Co.; a local cafe that is so adorable!


My 7 Grain Warm Bowl that I get every year.  So filling and comforting during the chilly mornings!


A Caramel Apple latte that was amazing.


A new Arnold Palmer drawing to add to our golf collection (the fact that he’s gone hurts my heart).


My true weakness during this time of year…a caramel apple with nuts.


…and Rascal.  He wasn’t at the fall festival but he was at the coffee shop that my mom and visited on Saturday morning.  He wanted to share our banana muffin with us so we, happily, obliged!  I just wanted to share his photo because he was the sweetest pup! 


I hope your October is off to an amazing start!  Enjoy the month because, if September is any indication, it will be gone before we know it! 

What fall activities to you like to do?
What is your favorite month during the year?
Do you have any annual family traditions?

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