Thursday Thoughts #5

Hi Thursday!

Has this week flown by for anyone else or is just me?  I, seriously, feel like it was just the weekend but I’m guessing that’s because I had the day off from work on Tuesday so, of course, that day went so fast that it feels like it didn’t even happen!

Today, I’m just going to pick right up with the Thursday Thoughts series like my blog never even disappeared!  If you’re unfamiliar with the series, it’s pretty much just a chance to talk about some of the million things that are constantly running through my head.  So, let’s get to it.

**Summer is officially gone and I’m cold.  The picture below is how I worked out Tuesday evening.  In my Uggs.  It was just an upper torso day and I couldn’t bring myself to take off my boots after I made it out to my garage. 


**I’m dealing with the cold by drinking as many hot beverages as I can.  I should, probably, just buy some stock in the Starbucks company…it’s where all my money goes, anyway.


**Speaking of cold, it’s been soup week around here.  On Tuesday, I made a chunky turkey chili and, tonight, I’m planning on a big pot of minestrone to take us through the weekend.  Seriously, when did I become that person?  You know….the one who is always cold?!


**The leaves in our yard are insane.  They don’t even belong to us.  Our neighbor has a huge tree next to our garage and I swear all of the leaves go in our yard and nowhere else.  And, that picture?  That all happened in one day!  It must have been a windy one!


**Doughnuts and friends make the world go ‘round.  Last Friday, at work, we had doughnuts and I was working in the same area as my WBFF (work BFF) so it was a pretty awesome day.  Maybe we’ll have to recreate that tomorrow…mainly the doughnut part.


So, apparently, this was the “cold edition” of Thursday Thoughts because, basically, that is all I talked about.  Well, that and doughnuts.

I hope all have a fabulous Thursday!!  If you need me, I’m sure I’ll be around somewhere being cold.

Share a random thought with me!
Do you like cold weather?
What is your favorite doughnut?
Blueberry glazed for me!

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