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Since I’m restarting my blog and know that I may have new readers, I wanted to share today a quick recap of my transformation and how I got where I am today.  Last week, I gave a little insight into how I got to where I was with my workouts and what I have done over the past few years but, today, I’m touching quickly on how I’ve transformed on both the inside and outside. 

I shared this post yesterday evening on Facebook for #transformationtuesday and wanted to put it here on my blog, as well.  So, I am, officially, declaring today #transformationwednesday.  Is that okay with you!?  Good.  So, here we go. 

I have said before that I really think transformation stories are hard and this is why…….old pictures suck.

Excuse the language.


Looking back on my transformation isn’t always an easy thing. Sure, I like to see where I am now and I am amazed at where I was but, sometimes, looking back on my journey isn’t always easy. You see, I have always tried to live a healthy lifestyle and, in addition to that, I’ve been a fitness instructor for almost ten years…but…

During that time, I’ve gone through the darkest time in my life and, thankfully, too, one of the brightest. I’ve been a “normal” size, I’ve lost weight to the point where people told me I looked unhealthy, I’ve put that weight back on and then some, and, finally, I have reached a point where I feel the best that I ever have. It’s crazy how your inside can reflect so much on your outside. Your thoughts and your body are truly one and I’ve learned that it is crucial to take care of both.

Seeing that picture on the left makes me realize how much I wasn’t taking care of myself even though I thought I was. I mean, I was eating ‘okay’ and teaching class so that should have been enough, right? No. It wasn’t. I know, now, I was eating too much, having too many treats thinking that, “just one more isn’t going to hurt,” and I, definitely, wasn’t giving my workouts my all. So…totally, sorry to my students for that.

I’m not exactly sure what clicked last year and made me decide to make a change but I know what helped me get to where I am today. SUPPORT. A fellow instructor and I decided we were going to work on our eating, our workouts, and, basically, our overall health. We wanted to tone, build muscle, and be the best instructors that we could be. That did it. We checked in with each other everyday and it is, truly, what pushed me and made me successful.

Over the past year, I have crushed goals and have worked on my inside which, I believe, is showing through to my outside. Every day, I strive to be that support to others that my friend was to me. Just to have someone there can make all the difference in the world. I am thankful each day for the opportunity to still be an instructor to my students, a coach to my challengers, and, hopefully, an inspiration to anyone working on their fitness journey.


My story, obviously, is longer and I could a novel on those dark times I mentioned as well as the bright ones!  However, I can’t keep you here all day and I’m sure you have other places to be and other things to read so we’ll save some of those stories for another time, okay!? 

If you ever have doubt in yourself or find yourself on a path that doesn’t make you happy, make the decision to make a change, find your ‘why,’ and find those amazing people that will be your support every step of the way. It will make all the difference in the world.

Happy Wednesday!

Have you ever undergone a transformation mentally or physically?
Who do you tend to turn to for support?
(my mom, husband, and BFFs are amazing!)
Just for fun: How are you spending your last few weeks of summer!?

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